I have been studying with Daniel for almost one year, as have my daughters, ages 10 and 12. In short, Daniel is a truly amazing teacher. I am grateful to him for the incredible vocal transformations that are occurring within me and my children. Over the year I have been thoroughly impressed by Daniel’s thoughtful, intuitive, and compassionate approach to teaching the voice. 

Every Lesson, Daniel is able to perceptively gauge what my voice is capable of grasping. Our lessons are fluid and seamless and each lesson builds upon the last. I feel that I am making constant progress to achieving my goals.

As an adult and musician, I am impressed with Daniel’s teaching style, but the way he works with my daughters, and the quick progress he has made with them is even more impressive. These girls sing pop/rock/original songs with a small-ensemble band of children their own age. Over the last year, they have had a handful of performances. His work in getting them performance-ready in a short period of time is incredible. Each of my children has her own personality, attention-span, level of confidence, and work ethic. He uniquely meets them where they are on a given day.

Admirably punctual, Daniel arrives at our home with new and invigorating lessons for each of us. From our first lesson, I was impressed with how he creates a comfortable environment in our home to work with our voices. He is a highly-skilled professional, with an intuitive grasp on not just the technique, but the emotions of learning and teaching that, in my experience, is unparalleled.