The Waking Voice Experience

Waking Voice is centered in Universal Vocal Technique, a knowledgable practice in voice as nature designed it.  Learning the biological laws and sensations of natural vocal production will advance any style or goal.  First, you will sing a scale that helps diagnose what your vocal habits are–we all have habits.  Then, through carefully ordered vocal exercises you begin coordinating your vocal muscles in the most efficient way possible (this is universal because we all have the same muscles with the same physical laws).

While healthy vocal technique is universal, the process getting there is not. Every singer is coming at optimal vocal coordination from different angles, therefore you will receive custom tailored exercises each lesson to your voice’s unique needs.  Over time, you uncover and begin to achieve that universal vocal balance.  As this balance starts to gel, you have expanded range (2.5-3+ octaves), lose all breaks/flips in the voice, and develop power, vocal health, and confidence. You will uncover the most effortless, enjoyable sound unique to your voice!

Usually after you have had a lesson or two, we begin applying the things you are learning to songs you are interested in singing.  We only “drill” songs that students are preparing to perform or record.  Speaking of recording, your lessons are recorded as an MP3 and emailed to you so you don’t have to take notes, and can practice any time!

You can take your vocal development as far as you want.  While there will be clear improvement in a couple lessons, typically, there is a 6 month period for the things you are working on to gel into muscle memory, bringing you to the next stage of your vocal development.  However, since vocal balance can be endlessly refined, you could stop when you get to “okay,” “good,’ “great,” or keep going. The length of study is unique to your pace of learning, how often you practice, and how far you want to take it.  Some people come in with deeply ingrained vocal habits that will take time to undo, and some are already doing things mostly right.

Lesson Rates:

ONLINE LESSONS VIA Skype FaceTime or App.Voicelessons.Com:

  • 30 minutes ~ $50.00 USD  
  • 45 minutes ~ $65.00 USD  
  • 60 minutes ~ $80.00 USD  
  • 90 minutes ~ $110.00 USD


  • 60 minutes ~ $100.00 USD
  • 90 minutes ~ $150.00 USD


  • 60 minutes ~ $150.00
  • 90 minutes ~ $190.00

Group workshops available upon request

*Any Cancellation must take place more than 24 hours before scheduled appointment to not be charged in full.  Please be mindful of your availability and state of health!