Do you teach all ages?

Not exactly, I work with children as young as 9 currently, but I am open to working with younger children if THEY are passionate and THEY are focused and eager to learn about their voice without external imploring. Usually children younger than 9 or 10 really should just be singing and having fun with their voice in a casual environment. Play is a great teacher and motivator, and while the work I do is engaging and often playful, until the mind is intent on deepening its knowledge and betterment of the voice, a group song and play environment is best for a young voice.

Do you teach metal/screaming vocal techniques?

No, I do not teach any aggressive vocal techniques. I have investigated some programs and remain skeptical as to how healthy they are.  Some of the work I have seen in this area may likely lessen damage, but people who purport to use these techniques still have puffy-sounding (swollen) vocal cords.  It is ideal, when exploring these areas of vocal production, to know completely balanced vocal production (which I do teach), first.

How much are your lessons?

Currently rates are $50 for 30 minutes, $65 for 45 minutes, $80 for 60 minutes, or $108 for 90 minutes.

Are online Skype lessons a good format for me, personally?

Skype lessons are 90% the same as in-person lessons except for one significant reason and one insignificant reason.  The major difference in a Skype lesson is I cannot play the keyboard while you are singing to hear your voice clearly.  So what I do is demonstrate a scale I am asking you to sing, play a primer chord, and pause while you repeat it back to me on your own.  This is a musical skill of brief memorization and mimicry that can be stressful for a nervous first-time student.  In-person lessons are easier for a new student’s nerves because I am able to play the scale they are singing on the piano at the same time (they don’t feel quite as on-the-spot or exposed).  You will have to be the judge if this is a big enough reason to not have an online Skype lesson  

The unimportant difference with online lessons is we can’t quite make eye-contact while talking and singing. 

Do you have a location I can come to?

Waking Voice a mobile studio.  Currently, my clients are very happy having me visit their location of choice, or meeting online via Skype. Feel free to let me know if you would prefer that I provide a meeting spot for your lesson.  

I don’t really know how to sing and don’t plan to be a singer but would like to learn.  Do you work with students like me?

Absolutely!  My favorite type of client is someone who is simply open to going deep into their voice for any personal reason.  There is so much to learn and gain from exploring our voice in a focused manner, regardless of everything else!  I also love teaching people who think they can’t sing that they can!

Do you teach Speech Level Singing?

I was a certified member-teacher of Speech Level Singing International’s organization for several years, and am very fluent in their technique.  It is a very biologically sound and proven understanding of the voice, and I remain true to teaching a biologically sound and proven technique of singing; the healthiest most effective way to to produce sound in the larynx.  However, I left SLS International after some changes in their organization, and I now teach Universal Vocal Technique ™