Do you teach all ages?

Not exactly, I work with children as young as 9 currently, but I am open to working with younger children if THEY are passionate and THEY are focused and eager to learn about their voice without external imploring. Usually children younger than 9 or 10 really should just be singing and having fun with their voice in a casual environment. Play is a great teacher and motivator, and while the work I do is engaging and often playful, until the mind is intent on deepening its knowledge and betterment of the voice, a group song and play environment is best for a young voice.

Do you teach metal/screaming vocal techniques?

No, I do not teach any aggressive vocal techniques. I have investigated some programs and remain skeptical as to how healthy they are.  Some of the work I have seen in this area may likely lessen damage, but people who purport to use these techniques still have puffy-sounding (swollen) vocal cords.  It is ideal, when exploring these areas of vocal production, to know completely balanced vocal production (which I do teach), first.  However, I do play with healthy use of the false chords heard in Mongolian throat singing and Russian Octavist singing.  Similar use of the false chords from Thuvan throat singing is very helpful in some scream techniques, but there are a number of strategies I am still exploring in that realm for myself before I determine they are safe to spread to my clientele

How much are your lessons?

Currently rates are $50 for 30 minutes, $65 for 45 minutes, $80 for 60 minutes, or $110 for 90 minutes for all online lessons.  If you want to visit the home office we have different rates of $100 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes with no other lengths offered.  If you want your instructor to travel to your home, practice space, recording studio, etc we offer 60 minutes for $150 and 90 minutes for $190.  Policy for new students now includes pre-purchase of 4 lessons of any length with a discount of 10% that can be transferred to friends or family, but not refunded.

Are online lessons a good format for me, personally?

Online lessons are 90+% the same as in-person lessons.  The main difference being between the platform you choose to use.  If you choose to use Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom for your lesson, you will not be able to hear the keyboard play the scales as you sing.  This can be stressful for less experienced musicians.  However, this issue with online lessons has been fixed by our friends at who created an app that contains a virtual piano that I can control in my virtual studio that will play your scales as you sing them.  The only issue currently with their platform is it requires you to have google chrome on your computer. Once you sign up for a lesson with me I can send an invitation to link you to my virtual studio by having you create a free account at If you are confident with repeating scales you hear based on a chord, the other platforms like Skype and FaceTime are on the whole a little easier to use and sign up for.

Some people feel a greater distance from online training, and prefer that connection that comes from proximity.  That is really the only difference in the quality of your lesson online versus in-person, and you will have to be the judge of what works best for you.  However, some people prefer coming to our studio because they don’t want to be in earshot of housemates or family members when being vulnerable and exploring their voice.

Do you have a location I can come to?

Yes.  You will receive that location upon signing up for your lesson or by searching for Waking Voice on google.

I don’t really know how to sing and don’t plan to be a singer but would like to learn.  Do you work with students like me?

Absolutely!  My favorite type of client is someone who is simply open to going deep into their voice for any personal reason.  There is so much to learn and gain from exploring our voice in a focused manner, regardless of everything else!  I also love teaching people who think they can’t sing that they can!

Do you teach Speech Level Singing?

I was a certified member-teacher of Speech Level Singing International’s organization for several years, and am very fluent in their technique.  It is a very biologically sound and proven understanding of the voice, and I remain true to teaching a biologically sound and proven technique of singing; the healthiest most effective way to to produce sound in the larynx.  However, I left SLS International after some changes in their organization, and I now teach Universal Vocal Technique ™