I love the words that breakdown the way we produce sound.  They sound just as expressive as the sounds they identify!

Here are a few of my favorite words:

Aspirant (type of consonant that is not voiced and is the movement of air)
Fricative (maybe my favorite word meaning a turbulent air consonant, like it sounds)
Plosive (an air explosion! a burst of pressurized air from an articulator)
Glide ( consonants that are smooth like a vowel and roll off the tongue)
Glottis (the vocal folds and opening, that regulate air passage in and out of the lungs)
Pharyngeal ( where the throat heads into the nasal cavity)
Larynx  (the main structure of vocal sound production)
Occlusion (the blockage, in our field, of sound passage by the articulators)
Adduction  (cord closure/compression)
Vowel  (you should know, but the word is still cool)

The above is the language of language! Quasi-onomatopoeias.

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