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Vocal Development for all levels and voice types
Singer’s Therapy for musicians on tour
Vocal Rehabilitation

Originally established in 2008 to bring cutting edge vocal training to singers and speakers in Portland, Oregon, Waking Voice has raised the bar for countless voices in Portland, as well as around the world online over video calls.  The voice is not as elusive as most instructors make it, nor is it reserved for some mythically gifted subpopulation that are “born with it.”  Everyone is LITERALLY born with a voice ready to sing.  Our instructor Daniel has a talent for breaking down vocal concepts into practical cause-and-effect relationships people can discover, explore, and master.  Through custom-tailored scientifically proven exercises aka VFEs (vocal function exercises), any voice can be taken from “zero to hero.”  Singing is not exactly a talent, it is a learned muscular coordination.

This is what Waking Voice is about; discovery.  Discovering the unknown potential of our vocal biology is how the voice starts to wake up, whether you sing professionally or feel you can’t carry a tune.  The path to vocal mastery is about vocal knowledge, vocal function, and one’s relationship with their voice (which is often distorted by beliefs, emotions, or a lack of informed mechanical practice).  Many people also carry voice lesson trauma from previously working with uninformed, insensitive, or total sham voice teachers.

The Waking Voice Experience

Waking Voice is centered in Universal Vocal Technique, a knowledgable practice in voice as nature designed it.  Learning the biological laws and sensations of natural vocal production will advance any style or goal.  First, you….

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Meet Daniel


Daniel warming up Paula Fuga before her Portland show while on tour.

Instructor’s Biography:

Daniel’s path to vocal awakening was arduous. After more than a decade of navigating the conventional paths of “classical” vocal training and


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